We flew to Zambia in January 1973. We had a contract with Nchanga Consolidated Copper Mines where I was to work at the Rokana Mine in Kitwe. We were moved into a house at No.14 Nursery Crescent in Nkana East. Living in Zambia at that time was not easy, there were regular, significant food shortages. There was virtually no TV or radio.

I was working on heavy mining equipment. Susan was working at the mine's Research & Development Department.

We took a week's holiday in Malawi in 1974 where we flew to Blantyre and then rented a car and drove around Lake Malawi and up to the Zomba Plateaux. Blantyre was very interesting in that it was still a colonial town. There were some older residents around the city who were still living in an era that had passed. We left in the middle of 1975 and went to work in Kuwait.
On the way back from Zambia we had a stopover in Kenya where we stayed at the Jadini Beach Hotel on the south coast in Mombasa. There were only about 3 hotels on the south coast at that time, and the Jadini Beach was the biggest. We visited it a few years ago and it is now very significantly bigger than it was then. What was the reception in 1975 is now the office for the petrol station. We also had a stopover in Ethiopia and spent a couple of days in Addis Ababa. From Addis Ababa we went on to Cairo in Egypt and spent a week visiting the city and the pyramids.

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