I originally included this page because I wanted to provide a link to Joe Bartas HTML Tutorial "So you want to make a web page". Since then I have included links to all the resources that I have used to put together our web pages and generally learn about computers. The more you rummage around the more you find but more importantly, the more you learn about the business of 'how to find the answer on the internet'.

We registered our domain name in late 1997 and straight away started trying to work out how to put up a web site. We prepared all the text and photos in MS-word. I looked at a few examples of html code and I thought it looked difficult.

I decided there must be an easier way to do it. I looked at 'Microsoft Front Page' and found there was nothing easy about it.

We had all the hard copy for our web pages and I spent two years wondering how we were going to get them up and running.

In the end I very nearly paid a large sum of money to someone to 'do' our web pages for us. Fortunatly I came across Joe Bartas free html tutorial. It took me four days to learn html and put 7 good pages on the internet.

Click on Joes 'spazzman' logo to go to his site. Joes pages take a few seconds to open so please be patient.

The Praxtent resource was discovered by Julie who is looking at web design with her colleagues at the Lyndhurst STEM club for girls. The Praxtent pages are an excellent and very comprehensive guide to all aspects of web design

Click on the logo to go to the site.

JPEG or GIF. Choose the right format and also the right size. A good quality image and the right size for use on a web page or for attaching to an email could be 25kb or less! A big image would be around 70kb and someone would need a very special reason to send an image that is more than about 150kb. How many times have you received emails with attached images that are several hundred kb or even 1 mb or more and take forever to download? Click here to go to a page on jpg or gif.

Media Builder site to get free tutorials and material.

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