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‘The Modern Motor Car’ is the title of a book that I have had since my childhood. It was my fathers and he got it from my grandfather. I wanted to preserve the book and my idea was to reproduce the book on these pages and somehow try to work it so that the various sections would display. Scanning the book is proving to be a much bigger job than I expected. Each page has to be scanned two or three times and then the pieces joined to make the image.

The original purpose of this section was to display the book but I can see now that it is going to be much more than that. There are cars that we have owned that I want to include and say something about. There is space in here for Peter Troths Rolls Royce if he ever brings it down to Muscat so I can photograph it.

The picture below was taken in Waterfoot. One of the men in the picture is my grandfather.
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Our Jensen Interceptor which sadly we don't have anymore. It was one of the last dozen or so to come out of the old Jensen factory which closed in 1976. It had a Chrysler 440cu inch (7.2 litre) V8 engine and the car weighed about 2.2 tons. There was nothing you could do to it that would make it do more or less than 13.1 mpg. The first ones of these cars came out of the factory in 1964 which means that the 'design' must have been conceived in the 1950s. The Jensen unfortunatly didn't like being left standing for 11 or 12 months at a time. Every time we went on leave it was a big job to get it up and moving for a few weeks.

Our BMW 850 which we have in Muscat.

Our Suzuki GSX750 which we had in Muscat for many years.

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